About BioTech Productions

We are a production company specializing in broadcast quality biotechnology teaching and training videos/DVDs. Our productions are geared to deliver economically important technical and procedural information to the viewers. The information contained in the productions is pertinent, very detailed and clear, not vague. Our authors and presenters are widely recognized in the scientific community and animal industry as world-renowned experts in their respective fields. Our executive producer, Dr. Brad Stroud, a veterinary specialist in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), selects topics for production consideration. The need to disseminate critical information to target audiences is the key to initiating a production title.

Why BioTech Productions

Research in the biotechnology sector creates commercial opportunities for the animal and medical industries. Progressive and forward thinking industry professionals are the first to have hands-on experience with new technological breakthroughs. They, via years of experience, become extremely knowledgeable in the details that lead to the successful implementation of those technologies in the field. Unfortunately, many end-users of biotech services and products, including budding professionals and graduating students about to enter the marketplace, have few meaningful real-life experiences. Only a few can “rub shoulders” with the worlds top producers, doctors, and researchers and gain that knowledge first hand.

Our Objectives

The objective at BioTech Productions is to use the power of video and DVD to bridge the gap between green horns and the world’s leading professionals in the areas of research and applied biotech sciences. Absorbing knowledge and experience that has taken years, and in some cases decades, to acquire is an invaluable asset to anyone entering the field of biotechnology, whether as a producer or a service professional. In about an hour, a viewer will gain an immense amount of knowledge and detail about a specific topic in the field of biotechnology. That’s called adding value to one’s resume. Be it for an end user of biotechnology, such as an animal breeder, or for one entering one of the many service areas of the emerging Biotechnology Revolution, viewers will be enriched by the productions.

Meet Our Staff

Owner and Executive Producer – Brad Stroud, DVM

Dr. Stroud is a twenty-five year veteran in the applied field of animal Assisted Reproductive Technologies. He is a practicing veterinary cattle embryologist and is considered a visionary in his profession. Dr. Stroud has performed over 65,000 embryo transfers in his distinguished career. Additionally, he has transferred over 1000 cloned cattle embryos. He has spoken at numerous veterinary and embryo industry related conferences all over the world. He was one of the pioneers in the area of bovine reproductive ultrasound (see video titles). He performed the first Gamete Intrafallopian Transfers (GIFT) in the bovine to produce healthy commercially viable calves. His clinic also produced the first commercial In Vitro Fertilized (IVF) calves in the world. Dr. Stroud has served on the boards of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, the American Embryo Transfer Association, and the International Embryo Transfer Society, having served as president of the latter two organizations. Dr. Stroud is the managing partner for Encore Genetics who is the exclusive marketing agency for equine clones world wide for ViaGen located in Austin, Texas. See When asked about his strength as a professional, Dr. Stroud responded, “Taking scientifically complicated topics and explaining them so that the average person has a full and comprehensive understanding of the underlying science and its relevance to society.”


Stand Up Talent – Mr. Bob Tallman

This is not Bob’s first time on the tube. BTP didn’t discover this major talent. You have likely seen him on television before. You have likely heard his deep, smooth voice. Where, you ask? He is the voice of professional rodeo. If you’ve ever been to a major rodeo like Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Denver, and many others, you’ve heard this entertainer so eloquently tell the tale of cowboy and animal. He is the king of the rodeo arena, but that’s not all. Tallman does numerous radio and television commercials for big named sponsors. There are many talents on the tube, but Bob is the best fit for BTP. He is a big time cattle breeder/producer. Bob utilizes the biosciences everyday in his plight to produce the next world champion bucking bull or horse. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and test tube babies are nothing new to him. As a consequence, Bob knows well the goals of BTP. He had to learn some of these very lessons the hard way – by trial and error! Bob is firmly on-board with BTP.


Section Talent – Tammy Garner

Tammy has a B.Sc. degree in exercise physiology from Texas A&M University. Although new to the screen, Tammy’s interest in science, along with her energy and enthusiasm, makes her a natural fit for BioTech Productions. Look for her to play bigger roles in the future.


Consultant – Dr. Stanley Leibo

Dr. Stanley Leibo received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1963. He is currently a professor at the University of New Orleans and does research for the Audubon Nature Institute. Dr. Leibo is world renowned for his efforts and successes as a pioneer in the field of low temperature biology (cryobiology). He was part of a team of three cryobiologists that produced the first live offspring ever born from frozen thawed embryos. The subject was a mouse and its birth in 1972 was a landmark event in the annals of biotechnology. About a decade later, Dr. Leibo moved to San Antonio, Texas where he put his efforts towards commercializing frozen cattle embryos for a company called Rio Vista Genetics. His success was heralded world wide and today Dr. Leibo is arguably the most sought after speaker world wide in the field of applied cryobiology for both animals and humans. He was recently named a Fellow of the Society for Cryobiology in recognition of his contributions to the discipline of cryobiology and to the Society itself. He will be delivering the Spallanzani Lecture in Madrid, Spain at the quadrennial International Spermatology meeting later this year. Dr. Leibo is a true icon in the biotechnology industry.


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